About Our Cannons

Our Civil War field artillery cannon is great for reenactments

​These come with a swivel bracket that mounts easily to most fishing rod holders and truck beds 

Our Pirate Cannon with carriage

Our life-size Cannons are not exact Replicas. They are an affordable, lightweight (The barrels are a 50 pounds or less) option to the real thing.

They are great for pirate ships and encampments.Our cannons are also an exciting way for yacht clubs to start their races and other events with a bang and/or when it's time to leave. The Royal Cannon adds a classy look to any dock or nautical themed decor.

They do not shoot projectile but do make a LOUD bang. They are a safe and fun when used responsibly. All of our cannons come with loading devices to make loading easy.

These cannons can also be great to use to start and end your events. You can be the envy of the area by using this impressive yard decor and conversation piece cannon for sale

Scott Gambell

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Owner: Scott Gambell

Areas of expertise:  Building FUNCANNONS 

 Light-weight barrels 

Our small rail mounted cannon