This Pirate Gear  is only $35.00!

Buy it and get a Pirate Boat Ride for One for FREE!!

Get Yer Free Pirate Boat Ride Matey!!!!

Please Note:

Sorry No Lad's or Lasses, Adult's  Only on the Pirate Boat Rides

Bring Yer Rum Matey and Fire the cannon at Landlubbers and other ships on our Pirate Boat Ride!!

For any of these specials, please contact us by phone, email, or text. 

Your Very Own FULL Size Cannon and Carriage

Special Offer $1895.00 and includes Pirate Boat Ride  fer SIX PEOPLE!

Carriage Measures 47" and Cannon is 62". Be the envy of all the pirates in yer neighborhood.

AAARGH!!!Yer Very own Pirate's Lock Box to hold all yer Treasures Matey!!!   Buy it for $75.00 and get a free trip fer Two.

Dimensions 8" x 8" x 10"  Solid wood box with rubber straps.